YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Weekly YogaBirth pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes in Newtown Linford, between Leicester and Loughborough.

  • Yoga especially adapted for pregnancy - lengthen, stretch, strengthen & tone your body
  • Become familiar with active birth positions 
  • Learn breathing techniques for labour and birth
  • Enjoy relaxation and bond with your baby
  • Make friends with other local mums-to-be
  • Group chat & informal education about pregnancy and birth
  • Suitable from 12 weeks to birth
  • No yoga experience required 
  • Suitable for all, even if you are experiencing pregnancy complications
  • All equipment including mats are provided

Class Schedule and Booking

Class Schedule

Classes are held on Thursday evenings, including during school most school holidays from 7pm - 8.45pm. 

See the schedule for all class dates.

Private classes can be arranged by contacting me. 

Class Fees & Booking

A course of 6 x 1hr 45min classes costs £75 or 12 x 1hr 45 min classes costs £130, 

Courses can be joined at any time if there are spaces available and discussion topics are repeated after 12 weeks for yu can complete 2 courses without any repetition. 

Classes should be booked online in advance or by contacting me directly.

If you are closer to your estimated due date that 6 weeks please contact me. 

When To Attend Classes...

We practice yoga adapted for all stages of pregnancy. The ideal time to start pregnancy yoga is in the 2nd trimester, any time from 12 weeks onwards until birth, it’s never to late to start attending class even if you have just started maternity leave.

No yoga experience needed at all, but classes are equally beneficial if you have lots of yoga experience.

Class Location

Classes are held in The Old Sunday School Rooms, a comfortable and relaxing studio at the main entrance to Bradgate Park in Newtown Linford, It lies 6 miles north-west of Leicester and 7 miles south of Loughborough.

About YogaBirth Classes

In YogaBirth classes, we stretch, reach, lengthen and strengthen, working with and into your pregnant body in a way that leaves you feeling good - looser, lighter, more mobile and comfortable.

You will sleep better, breathe well and week on week, feel your confidence in your pregnancy and birth ahead, increase.

We become familiar with different positions you may find yourself in throughout each stage of labour, encouraging you to rock, sway and circle, finding comfort in natural flowing movements. Becoming more familiar with these positions throughout your pregnancy makes it easier to trust your instincts and find positions that work for you during labour.

For labour to progress naturally your thinking brain needs to take a back seat and your subconscious take over, following your instincts, listening and responding to what your body and baby needs.

Combine familiar, natural movements with breathing and relaxation techniques and you have tools you need to birth your baby.

At the end of the session, there is tea, there is cake, there is talk!

A warm circle of mothers - women in the same boat as you - feels wonderful to be part of, a rare but important chance to share and chat and learn about what you are going through in pregnancy and what you will need for birth and life with a new baby.

If you're pregnant, come along. Check in and see for yourself what women draw from the class, and the wonderful, positive birth stories it leads to...

Client Reviews

For any mum to be I cannot recommend the birth and yoga preparation class enough. I started going to the classes at 14 weeks and carried on throughout my pregnancy, the knowledge and techniques I gained helped prepared me for labour and stay relaxed throughout. Thank you Claire for helping make my pregnancy and birth such an enjoyable experience.


I joined at about 25 weeks and literally had no idea about birthing and pregnancy as it’s my first. Claire’s knowledge and experience really helped answer any questions, she was able to calm any concerns or worries and give tips on general well being with the baby. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, no pressure. Candle lights, log burner and lots of blankets and cushions to feel comfortable.
Tea and biscuits a bonus afterwards!
No question was too silly


I would recommend this group for any mum to be. I joined the group late on but found every session useful and would say it was never too late in pregnancy to join. Claire makes you feel so relaxed and I felt genuinely cared about every individual in the group. It also gave a great opportunity to meet and listen to other mums to be. X


After not having a great birthing experience with my 1st baby, I wanted to feel more in control with my second. I found Claire @ YogaBirth on Facebook and during her classes we practiced different labour positions & breathing techniques. This really helped me stay in control & have a positive natural labour experience despite being induced. I also enjoyed the time at the end of each class where we discussed different aspects of labour/pregnancy over fruit tea & biscuits xx


Friendly, calming environment. Lovely teacher & good structured but relaxed class.
If you want a yoga class with a side of birthing & relaxation techniques then this is the class for you.
I wish I had done this for my first pregnancy!!


I would definitely recommend this class to anyone expecting a baby. Brilliant way to stay relaxed thorough out your pregnancy and your labour. And have a positive outlook on what may happen.