Mummy & Newborn Classes

Classes perfectaly suited to young babies and new mums

About classes

Attending classes with your baby is a wonderful part of life as a new mum and if your anything like me you need to get out the house! But going to busy places when you're still getting to know your baby and might still be mastering feeding can be daughting.

These are completly relaxed and non-judgmental classes to do with your baby that are age appropriate, in the relaxed private souroundings of our studio with other mums going through similar expeiences.

Each week we do some early baby massage, cover a different topic including colic,  reflux, baby sleep and mums wellbeing, chat and eat cake with no pressure. 

Week by week mums grow in confidence as you learn to trust your instincts, understand your bay and enjoy those early weeks and months with your baby.

Many baby classes just arent suitable for young babies (despite what they may tell you) and your baby is likely to feel overstimulated and unsettled. The needs of a baby at 4 weeks old are very different from a 4 month old and that goes for mum too! 

Classes are suitable from birth to 3 months. 

4 week courses cost ¬£40 and include tea and cake each week. 

Course Dates & Times

  • 1pm Thursday 10th October (classes held on 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st October) 
  • 1pm Thursday 14th November (classes held on 14th, 21st, 29th November & 5th December) 
  • More dates coming soon