Hypnobirthing Courses

Private and Group, Evening and Weekend Courses in Newtown Linford, between Leicester and Loughborough and across Leicestershire

Ok hands up, who is feeling anxious, scared or maybe you are even dreading giving birth! At some point in pregnancy reality sets in! Labour! Birth! Contractions!!!! That was me, I know exactly how you’re feeling now, you’re not alone!   

So how do you go from scared and anxious to feeling calm and even looking forward to giving birth? Preparation is key and that’s where I come in. I can help you with a Wise Hippo hypnobirthing course. I will teach you the tools and techniques to have a calm, confident and positive birth no matter what path your birth takes. And no, its not all about not having any pain relief or ignoring the fact live can throw us curve balls.

Sometimes it can feel like pregnancy is the longest 9ish months ever and that you have all the time in the world to plan and prepare but trust me, in reality it flies by!

So there’s no time like the present to dive in, to start planning for a positive birth, to learn some awesome techniques to emerge yourself in all things positive.

Book your place on a course now and start positivley preparing for your birth

About the course

Using hypnobirthing techniques you will learn how to let go of any birth-related fears you may have and become experts in deep relaxation, allowing you to remain calm, relaxed and in control. You will gain the confidence you need to make fully informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth, ensuring that you will always look back on your birth as a positive experience.

And let’s not forget your birthing partner who plays a vital role in any positive birth. They will learn everything they need to know to effectively support the mum to be throughout her labour, from setting up the perfect environment to soothing massage techniques.

The practical side of the course results in you developing a comprehensive birth plan, personal to you, to ensure everyone on your birthing team is on the same page and knows exactly how you picture your perfect birth.

It’s important to realise that the perfect birth does not have to be a 100% natural experience, it just has to be the right birth for you on the day. It’s ok to opt for the drugs if that’s what you decide is best for you, although feedback indicates that women who have completed the course are less likely to need pain relief during labour. Achieving the perfect birth simply means looking back on your experience in a positive way, no matter what path your birthing takes.

Small group sessions enable you to learn alongside other local prospective parents which will give you a ready-made support network during the remainder of pregnancy and once your baby arrives.

Course Content

Session One

You and your Birth Partner will lay a great foundation upon which to grow in confidence.

  • Bust any negative beliefs you may have about birth.

  • Get comfortable with what we mean by hypnosis. There are no swinging watches and getting you to cluck like a chicken we promise.

  • Familiarise yourself with the physiology of birth so you can let go of worrying about how all of that stuff works. We bet you will be fascinated.

  • Understand how the mind interprets PAIN… so that you can learn how to manage and control it.

  • Take charge of your thoughts so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your birth, rather than feeling anxious and worried when it is a time for joy and happiness.

Session Two

Learn how to become an expert in relaxation so that you can feel calm, relaxed and in control in the lead up to and during your baby’s birth. 

  • Discover how to use your breath during labour to enable the birth cocktail of hormones to flow in just the right way.

  • Learn how to distract your mind away from your body so that you can distance yourself from any pain.

  • Set up useful anchors to relaxation that you can use any time you want any extra boost of those feel good hormones

  • Feel confident in the fact that your partner is learning how to use all of these tools and techniques with you, so that they can help you use them on the day.

Session Three

It’s your birth so take the time to consider what is important to you. 

  • Where do you want to birth?

  • What do you want your birthing environment to be like?

  • Who do you want to be with you?

  • How do you want to get labour started?

  • These are the kinds of questions you will be exploring, so that you can plan for the birth you want.

  • Experience a powerful FEAR RELEASE session so that you can look forward to your baby’s birth.

Session Four

Bringing it all together so that you feel ready for birth

  • The focus is on your Birth Partner so that they fully understand how you want them to support you on the day.

  • Enjoy Soothing Strokes an incredibly simple form of light massage to stimulate your body’s natural pain relief.

  • Use your B.R.A.I.N.S. to make sure that you have a structure way to ask questions if required.

  • Explore the best Birthing Positions to support an easier more comfortable birth.

  • Learn birth humming to help avoid unnecessary forced pushing for birth.

  • Walk through your labour and birth from it getting started to holding your baby in your arms and how what you have been learning fits in with that.


The Wise Hippo Birthing programme is 10 hours in total, usually split into 4 x 2.5-hour sessions or 2 x 5 hours.

You can attend the course at any point in your pregnancy, however, most people wait until after their 20-week scan. 


Courses run in a comfortable and relaxing venue in Newtown Linford, near the entrance to Bradgate Park. It lies 6 miles north-west of Leicester and 7 miles south of Loughborough.


Group courses cost £250 per couple which includes a workbook for you to keep, access to all the Wise Hippo birthing MP3’s and ongoing support from myself should you need it in the run-up to your birth.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking with the balance due 4 weeks before the course commences.

Private 1:1 Courses

For those that prefer, I also offer private courses in Newtown Linford or in the comfort of your own home and will cover the wider Leicestershire area.

Private classes are suitable for a couple together or an expectant mum who wishes to attend on her own, sessions are flexible and arranged around your own availability.

Private courses cost £475.

Please get in touch for further details and to arrange.

Hypnobirthing Essentials Workshops

A 2 1/2 hour session that gives you a taster of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, providing you with some key tools and techniques to use during labour. For those who have limited time or are unsure about committing to the full programme, this would be a great starting point. 

Covering topics like the impact fear can have on birth, the birth partners role, how to achieve the right birth on the day and two breathing techniques you will complete this workshop feeling more confident about your birth and leave armed with some useful tools to support you.

The session costs £35 per couple which, if you sign up to the full Wise Hippo Birthing programme, will be deducted from your course fee.

Mum’s to be are also welcome to attend without their birthing partners.

Upcoming Course Dates

July Group Hypnobirthing Course

Monday 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th July, 7pm - 9.30pm 

August Group Hypnobirthing Course

Sunday 11th & 18th August, 10am - 4.15pm

Hypnobirthing Essentials Workshop

Friday 21st June, 7pm - 9.30pm 

Cesarean Birth Preparation Course

Saturday 31st August, 10am - 4.30pm

Take the first step in ensuring you have the right birth on the day


My husband and I as first time parents decided to join a hypnobirthing class and throughout May we joined Claire for a 1-2-1 session to prepare us for the birth of our baby. We really enjoyed the course and i feel that it erased the horror labour stories other mums love to tell you all about and made us feel more positive and prepared for the birth. Claire was so informative and supportive and we were glad we decided on this class. I would recommend this class to any mums to be who are anxious about what to expect and want to have more control over the birth.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm always happy to answer any queston you have so please feel free to get in touch anytime. There are a few things you might be wondering about that other people often ask too so Ive incuded the answers here.