Baby Massage

Relaxed, baby led and age appropriate classes in which you will learn the techniques to soothe, relax and bond with your baby through massage.

About Classes

Learn the techniques to soothe, relax and bond with your baby.

The baby massage course runs for 4 weeks. Each week we focus on a different area as well as reviewing previous strokes so over the 4 weeks a full massage routine is learnt.

Relaxed and friendly classes, there is no pressure, all the classes are baby-led enabling you to feed and change your baby whenever you need to. Baby massage dolls are available for you to practice on if you baby is sleeping or just doesnt want to join in at any time. 

There is time for tea, cake and chat, sharing experiences and perhaps making friends with other local mums. 

Suitable for babies 8 weeks onwards.

Courses cost £45 and include a full bottle of Neals Yard Organic Pure Baby Oil and a baby massage guide to take home plus tea and cake each week.

Course Dates & Times

  • 12pm Tusday 17th September (classes on 17th, 24th September, 1st & 8th October 2019) 
  • 12.30pm Friday 20th September (classes on 20th, 27th September & 4th, 11th October 2019) 
  • 1.30pm Tuesday 22nd October (classes on 22nd, 29th October, 12th & 19th November 2019, NO CLASS Tuesday 5th November) 
  • 12.30pm Friday 15th November (classes on 15th, 22nd, 29th November & 6th December 2019) *** FULLY BOOKED ***
  • 1.30pm Tuesday 26th November (classes on 26th November, 3rd, 10th & 17th December 2019) 

Benefits of baby massage


Your bond with your baby builds over days, weeks and even months. Massage can help to develop a strong emotional and social bond with your baby. Touch is the most developed sense at birth and through massage you can communicate love, security and trust with your baby.  During massage parents use eye contact, talking/singing, exchange of smells and positive touch to help develop their unique attachment.


When you massage your baby, your baby releases the “feel good” hormone called Oxytocin, which will help you both relax. Massage is very calming and can help reduce tension, restlessness and irritability as well as promoting sleep.

As you learn more baby massage techniques it increases your ability to help reassure your baby and helps your baby to relax when stressed.


Baby massage offers relief from several issues related to babies. Massaging the abdomen increases bowel movement, aiding the digestion and excretion of waste and helping to relive wind, constipation and colic.

By using special massage techniques around the eyes, cheeks, nose and chest the pain associated with teething, colds and congestion can all be relieved and by using nutritious oils during massage the condition of the skin can be improved. Stimulation of the skin through massage also increases the production of endorphins which helps to reduce pain and tension.


Massage benefits the lymphatic system which produces lymphocytes which fight infection and protect against diseases. Massage helps by stimulating the flow of lymph and removing toxins, this will help the immune system and help fight infections. Babies who are massaged have better immune systems and show more weight gain.

When a baby is born the higher part of the brain is still immature and developing as brain cells mature and wire together, this controls memories, feelings and actions. It is very important that a baby has positive first experiences so that the brain has the correct stimulation for it to run, by massaging your baby you are boosting their circulation and stimulating all the systems in their body.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm always happy to answer any queston you have so please feel free to get in touch anytime. There are a few things you might be wondering about that other people often ask too so Ive incuded the answers here.

When should we attend baby massage course?
Baby massage classes are suitabel from 8 weeks old untill your baby begins crawling 

Is massage only for babies? 
The techniques you learn in classes are wonderful to do with you baby as they grow into a toddler and beyond. The amazing benefits of touch carry on as your child grows.

Can babies come to class after vacinations? 
Its best to avoid massage for 48 hours after your baby has vacinations although if your baby is well enough you are still welcome to come along to classes and whilst your baby naps, use one of our practice dolls, drink tea, eat cake and chat. 

What if my baby doesnt like massage or want to join in? 
We have practice dolls for you to use if your aby is sleeping or doesnt want to join in all of the class. If they dont like massage at all its more likely they arent ready and it over stimulating so we can arrange for you to transfer to a Mummy & Newborn class or later baby massage class. 

What facilities are there? 
The venue is a private studio used only for pregnancy and baby courses and classes so we have all the facilities you'll need including baby changing and somewhere to feed or prepare a bottle. 

Can we attend more than one course of baby massage? 
Yes, absolutly! The classes arent just about learning massage, we drink tea, eat cake, chat and often make friends so you are welcome to attend as many courses as you'd like. 

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